I don’t see myself as stingy, but for some reason I’ve always been attracted by ads for cheap holidays. As a businessman I work hard for my money, and a quick budget break now and again does wonders to restore my zest for life.

Last year during the winter months I found a super deal for a seven nights all-inclusive holiday in Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt. Everything was included, even the airfare. And the total cost per day for me and my then partner worked out less than I would have paid for the hotel alone if I tried to book it myself.

To be in Sharm El Sheikh during the European winter was heaven on earth. The azure seas, the lovely white beaches, the virtually unlimited entertainment and food – everything contributed to make those seven days some of the best I’ve ever spent in my life.

For curio hunters the town is a treasure trove of handmade gifts and works of art. I usually don’t much care for wandering through flea-markets where all the stalls sell the same cheap plastic kitchenware, but this was something totally different.

At night the place truly comes alive, with a surprising number of bars, restaurants and nightclubs.  We dined at a different restaurant every night and were quite surprised at the variety of food, both Egyptian and international, on offer.

The days we spent either on the beach or exploring the town. There are also a number of tours available for those who want to explore the surrounding desert. And the Egyptian people were delightful – if one could learn to cope with the fact that they all seemed to be master salespeople.

All in all it was a very satisfying experience and I certainly wouldn’t mind doing it again. In terms of value for money it was virtually unbeatable.