I’m lucky enough to still have a living grandfather and grandmother on my father’s side. I guess I am rather old-fashioned in this regard, but I really enjoy visiting them from time to time.

I’ve often wondered exactly why I enjoy a visit to my grandparents so much and apart from the fact that we are family, I think it’s because a visit to them forces me to forget about my busy life and concentrate on the things that really matter.

Normally I would rush from one meeting to the next and even at night I often have business dinners or have to study to keep abreast of developments in my field. So when I visit the grandparents it’s like moving to a different era and being forced to stand still for a moment.

They don’t welcome me with a glass of Scotch or wine. For them it’s still tea or coffee. And after enquiring about my health (elderly people love to talk about their health or the lack thereof) they very often start talking about the weather. That’s another subject on which both of them are experts.

If I visit over a weekend, I usually have no option but to stay for lunch. Anything else and they would be highly offended. And I have to be honest, my grandma is a master chef. Her stews in particular are so delicious that I regularly overeat myself when I’m there. I just miss a glass of red wine, but hey, you can’t always have it all can you?

When I drive back I often get a little philosophical and think about what makes sense in life and what not. One day, when I’m their age, how will I feel about the choices I made today?