Is it only me getting older and more serious or are movies actually becoming dumber? It just seems to me as if the average movie coming out of Hollywood has less to say and makes more noise than ever before.

I love a good science fiction film and absolutely adored the ‘Star Trek’ TV series. This was intelligent science fiction; it looked at humanity and science and showed us what our future could look like if certain trends continued. Although there was time travel, laser guns and robots, the success of the series didn’t depend on that, it depended on a solid story line.

This is where the latest ‘Star Trek’ movie totally falls flat in my opinion. It relies on high-tech toys and zap guns to hide the fact that it actually has very little to say. I know millions of readers will probably disagree with me and the film will be a major box office hit, but I walked out of the cinema rather disappointed.

It’s not only ‘Star Trek’ that has suffered this fate; the majority of science fiction movies we see nowadays start with a great amount of background noise, end with an equally great amount of background noise and the 90 minutes in between is filled with special effects and lots of war cries without much substance.

As far as I’m concerned I like a film that gives you something to think about during the seven days before you go to see your next movie, but hey, I’m nearly 30 years old, so perhaps I’ve just lost touch with the youth of today.