Standing out with fashion

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shirt and tieWhen it comes to fashion, us boys do not have it easy.  It used to be that we could turn nowhere for advice, although the growth in men’s magazines has changed that.  I don’t mean a certain type of magazine by the way – more the GQ and Men’s Health end of things.  However, a prevailing issue is how to stand out from the crowd.  Short of wearing flip flops with a suit, or Bermuda shorts to a black tie event, there is not a lot that a man can do accessory wise.  Women have more opportunities for self-expression in terms of fashion.

A well chosen scarf or tie can help.  Trends change over time, but scarves and ties never seem to go out of fashion.  Wintertime is for chunky scarves, so why not light up the dreary months with a multi-coloured one?  If I am going out socialising there is not a lot of variety beyond the old jeans-shirt-jacket combination, but a coloured chunky scarf might get me noticed.  It is better than anonymity, surely.

I run my own business, so a carefully chosen tie with a suit is essential for any networking opportunity (or if I am trying to impress the bank manager).  But if I have to wear a suit for something like a wedding, there are so many options to choose from when it comes to buying a tie to suit the occasion.  It used to be that all ties looked like they belonged to veterans of military regiments, the type seen in murder mysteries on TV, but walk into the men’s section of a department store and there are dozens of styles on the racks.

I do not want to give the impression that I am some sort of fashion expert.  I am most definitely not.  But surely we men have to try to stand out somehow?

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Warmer winter

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It’s October and winter is drawing in.  It’s chilly, wet and dull.  Typical British weather!  But one thing to look forward to at this time of year is the winter clothes.

Now I know lots of people prefer shorts and t-shirt weather, and so do I, but there’s something nice and comforting about a big winter coat, a chunky scarf and matching gloves, perhaps even a woolly hat.  You feel protected against the elements when you’re wrapped up in winter clothes.

In summer there’s a certain amount of misjudged optimism when you see the morning sunshine from your window.  You’re lulled into believing that it will be a blazing hot day, and you happily dress yourself in a light shirt and shorts, ready for the heat and for the sun to turn your skin a nice healthy shade of tan.  You walk down the street with sunglasses proudly shielding your eyes from the rays, your flip-flops clacking merrily on the pavement with each step.

And then it rains.  See, this is Britain we live in, and there’s always a chance of rain.  The worst part is we know the risk of rain will always be there, but our minds get dazzled and tricked by the morning sun and we forget about our coat and umbrella.  For the rest of the day we get drenched to the skin in our thin summery outfits, and our feet get cold and wrinkly as our flip-flops do nothing to protect them from the puddles.

Winter is much safer.  We dress for every eventuality: rain, wind, snow, hail, storm…our woolly jumpers and duffle coats protect us from the elements, and if by some miracle it is sunny and warm, we can strip off our layers and bask in the bright winter sun.  So don’t be glum that summer’s over, look on the bright side and be glad you can wrap up warm.

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Back to today.

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It felt like the 1970s for a while as I slipped backwards into the world of my parents.

Right now I need to get bang up to date and get some much needed new jeans.

While I quite enjoy a day in the shops – give me a Saturday in York and I’m a happy boy, provided the credit card is in a good mood. I rarely actually get out buying stuff.

I’ll buy tech stuff online, surprisingly for my age I absolutely love John Lewis’s. Its a hang up from mother I’m sure, but I find what I want and then see if you can get it from JLP. I order online, but know I can take anything back if I need to and most importantly, I trust them.

I buy music in Fopp, or online. I still like a mix of cds and iTunes, that’s because my car hasn’t got an mp3 dock, and I get annoyed with the silly thing that creates a radio station and sounds awful, so if something is really good I buy the cd.

And for my jeans?

Republic all the way!

I’ve been buying men’s Diesel jeans from Republic since probably I bought the first pair for myself a few years ago.

Always the same size, just different styles, and the last pair are hanging now. I was tempted to buy the same ones again, but I couldn’t find them.

If I went to the Diesel shop, like the one over in Manchester, I’d be so spoiled for choice I’d probably end up not buying anything. Too much choice isn’t a good thing in my book!


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