How I discovered the benefits of vaporizers

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A female friend recently introduced me to the wonderful world of herbs. After talking to her a few times and also reading up on the subject, I became convinced of the excellent medical benefits they possess – and of course many of them emit smells which can only be described as heavenly.

Now there are many ways to use herbs. One can, for example, simply leave a few small open containers standing around and they will fill any room with their lovely aroma.

Another option is to get yourself one or more vaporizers. For those who don’t know: a vaporizer is a device into which you place your herbs (or tobacco or weed, but that’s a subject for another day) and it then heats it up and a vapour is formed in the process. This vapour looks quite similar to the steam you see when you boil a pot of water.

What’s great about the vaporizer is that you don’t actually inhale smoke with all its carcinogenic and toxic by-products, so it’s a much healthier option than smoking.

Another great aspect of a vaporizer is that one only needs a very small amount of herb, so it goes much further.

There are many different types of vaporizers. My personal favourite is the hand-held one. It’s so small it fits into your pocket and you can use it anywhere you go. A travel vaporizer is in the same league.

If you want something for your office, a desktop model is exactly what you need. Of course, it’s bigger than a hand-held model and it uses more herbs, but it’s perfect for a bigger room.

Vaporizers are also often utilized by chefs as a way of applying controlled heat to spices and herbs to release flavours which are normally hard to extract or titrate, or that could be spoiled by overheating during the cooking process.

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The role the weather plays in our lives

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cloudsdIf there’s one thing we British talk about, it’s the weather. It’s frequently the first thing neighbours comment about when they greet each other across the garden fence. Towards the end of each week millions of us watch the weather forecast, anxiously waiting to see what the weather is going to do over the coming weekend.

I have often wondered what effect the weather has on productivity. I mean, if you lived in a tropical country, close to the equator, wouldn’t you also feel a bit sleepy after lunch? Is the ‘siesta’ phenomenon we often find in these countries really so strange?

I can only imagine how British colonists must have felt when they first arrived in India or Kenya; all that tropical heat and not an air-conditioning unit in sight. No wonder they built hordes of little hill stations all over India and Malaysia and similar countries, places where they could escape to when the summer heat really became unbearable.

At the other end of the scale I have often wondered why, going back to the dawn of civilisation, people migrated from warm tropical countries, to which millions of tourists now flock, to a place with such a miserable climate as the UK to settle down in. I mean, why couldn’t they have built London somewhere in the foothills of the Himalayas, where the weather is great throughout the year?

Talking about great climate, in my travels I have visited numerous cities that are described in the travel guides as ‘The city of eternal spring’. They include Cochabamba in Bolivia and Cuenca in Ecuador. Some cities in the south of China are also often honoured with this description. With an average maximum daily temperature hovering in the low twenties and rainfall distributed evenly throughout the year, these places are genuine paradises, at least in terms of the weather.

I personally visited Cochabamba and Cuenca some years ago and I found them not only pleasant, in terms of the weather, but the people were also extremely warm and hospitable. Whether that had anything to do with the climate I don’t know, but it was undoubtedly a great pleasure to spend time there.

So don’t be surprised if one day, when I retire, I sell everything I have and head for one of these earthly paradises, never to experience a grey dreary day or sweltering heatwave ever again.

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How I found the perfect haulage company

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There’s hardly any business out there that doesn’t from time to time need things delivered to somewhere or other. Whether it’s a filing cabinet that has to be moved to a branch office or documents being sent to a storage facility, sooner or later almost every business will need a haulage company.

In my case it happens quite regularly that I need to send items to a city somewhere in the UK. In the past I used to hunt around the local classifieds or use the Yellow Pages, but the transport company I used in December last year; I found them in the Yellow Pages, simply provided awful service, so I started looking around for an alternative.

That’s when I stumbled across this great website, DeliveryQuoteCompare. The way it works is this; I go to the website and enter what I want to move, when it has to happen and the pick-up and destination points. They then get haulage companies to give me quotes. The whole thing works like a reverse auction; the companies bid against each other and I end up the clear winner.

Every time someone bids on my project I receive an email, so I don’t need to go back to the website every few hours. It means I can compare all the quotes and choose the company I want. The great thing is that I can read each company’s profile and also see any feedback left by previous customers, so even if a company’s quote is the lowest, but they’ve received negative feedback in the past, I can still choose another quote.

The very first haulage company I used from this website offered me a great price and unbeatable service. So now I have one thing less to worry about in my busy schedule, which is probably why I sleep better nowadays.

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Why I started using a taxi airport transfer service

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As a businessman I have to travel a lot. Often this involves flying, sometimes within the UK and sometimes to destinations in Europe or Asia. This, of course, means I arrive at my destination airport without transport and have to find a way to get to my hotel.

Now I’m all in favour of the odd adventure, such as taking a tuk-tuk, a type of motorised rickshaw found in India, for example, to or from the hotel. However, this is not much use when I am in a rush to get to a business meeting and need affordable, reliable transport. At times like this something else is required.

The only problem is that I have been ripped off by taxis at foreign airports more times than I can remember. I once ended up paying three times the going rate for a taxi from Bangkok airport to town and I only found out when I enquired at the hotel’s reception desk after the taxi had already left.

This is why I now book my airport transfer through a taxi airport transfer service. I know exactly how much it will cost before I leave home and when my plane lands one of their representatives is always there to meet me. Their prices are very competitive and I’ve never been late for a business meeting since I started using them.

All I have to do is go to the website, select my destination, enter the arrival date and make a payment. Another nice feature is that the company accepts a wide variety of credit and debit cards; everything from Visa and Mastercard to AMEX and Electron.

I once had to travel with one of my business colleagues, who was in a wheelchair, and these guys arranged a special wheelchair-friendly vehicle to pick us up from the airport. They can also arrange for niceties such as baby seats if you tell them in advance.

There are two types of transfer available; private and shuttle. The private service is a little more expensive, because you have a vehicle all to yourself and don’t have to wait for other passengers to arrive. The shuttle service is a shared one, so you might have to wait a little while for your fellow passengers to show up and be dropped off at their respective hotels. If you’re not in a hurry the cost saving makes this a really economical option.

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Garden Rooms

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I was thinking the other day about what features would enhance somebody’s home and something that sprung immediately to mind were garden rooms.  An idle flick through a few internet pages revealed that getting one built was probably not as difficult as I first imagined. Yorkshire-based firm Oeco, for example, has a range of garden rooms appropriate for all lifestyles.

Think of a garden room and a structure suitable for use in the warmer months of the year only may well be what you would have in mind, but a well-built garden room is suitable for use all of the year round.  The potential for year-round use of a garden room would be of particular interest to those who work from home and require a home office.  As someone who is self-employed, I can see the advantage of having a dedicated workspace in the home but separate from the living space.  A dedicated workspace allows the separation out of work and home concerns, which is just as it should be.  Who was it that said “never bring your work home?”

Of course, a garden room does not have to be for workspace purposes only, if at all, and can be used for leisure instead.  A garden room can be used as a hideaway for the kids – or those overworked adults in the family who need to escape the tumult of family for some quiet time of their own.  If there is an aspiring musician in the family, a garden room with acoustic insulation could be just what they need as a space in which to practice in.  A garden room could even be used for additional living space, as in a granny flat.  Garden rooms can also be useful for companies who need dedicated marketing or training suites or additional meeting rooms – so their use is virtually limitless.

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Shoes!  Why do they have to be so complicated?  I have a friend who insists on wearing only brown shoes – even to weddings and other more formal affairs.  But he came unstuck recently when he had a big job interview and finally accepted that the default choice of shoe colour for an interview is black. Turn up to an interview wearing anything less than black shoes and the likely reaction is “this is not the person we’re looking for.”  Who decided that black shoes were the shoes of choice for an interview, and would it feel any less logical to people now if brown shoes had originally been selected as the default interview footwear?

Of course, the complexity of shoes stretches far beyond the interview room.  My female friends and relatives will testify to this.  Do the shoes match the outfit is a question every woman has asked herself, over and over again.  Shoes are seen as an accessory that must match an outfit rather than as an end in themselves.  Are the shoes comfortable?  That does not even enter the equation.  Let’s be honest and admit that quite a number of men have asked themselves the same question regarding matching shoes.

A big trend for as long as I can remember has been for the latest in trainer design, much to the delight of such companies as Nike and Converse.  At the last count, Converse had 35,572,493 likes on Facebook.  Wearing something like a pair of Converse shoes is more a statement of lifestyle choice than it is a decision about what footwear to put on.

I would like to think I am above all of these shoe insecurities, but as someone who runs their own business, I have to accept that how I present myself is part of being successful, so naturally enough, how I present myself extends to my shoes, just in case someone breaks eye contact and happens to look down at my feet.

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