A female friend recently introduced me to the wonderful world of herbs. After talking to her a few times and also reading up on the subject, I became convinced of the excellent medical benefits they possess – and of course many of them emit smells which can only be described as heavenly.

Now there are many ways to use herbs. One can, for example, simply leave a few small open containers standing around and they will fill any room with their lovely aroma.

Another option is to get yourself one or more vaporizers. For those who don’t know: a vaporizer is a device into which you place your herbs (or tobacco or weed, but that’s a subject for another day) and it then heats it up and a vapour is formed in the process. This vapour looks quite similar to the steam you see when you boil a pot of water.

What’s great about the vaporizer is that you don’t actually inhale smoke with all its carcinogenic and toxic by-products, so it’s a much healthier option than smoking.

Another great aspect of a vaporizer is that one only needs a very small amount of herb, so it goes much further.

There are many different types of vaporizers. My personal favourite is the hand-held one. It’s so small it fits into your pocket and you can use it anywhere you go. A travel vaporizer is in the same league.

If you want something for your office, a desktop model is exactly what you need. Of course, it’s bigger than a hand-held model and it uses more herbs, but it’s perfect for a bigger room.

Vaporizers are also often utilized by chefs as a way of applying controlled heat to spices and herbs to release flavours which are normally hard to extract or titrate, or that could be spoiled by overheating during the cooking process.