Education RocksI don’t think we always realise how much the world has changed over the last 150 years. Not only did my great-grandfather grow up in a world without aeroplanes, unmanned drones, Internet and tablets, he also grew up in a world where one could choose a career, complete the required studies and then sit back and enjoy the fruits of your knowledge for the rest of your days.

In today’s world that is simply no longer the case. Somebody who completed a bachelor’s degree thirty years ago and who never did follow-up studies will no doubt find that technology has made a significant part of his knowledge redundant.

Thirty years ago people still used typewriters and when they wanted to keep record of their customers they had little index cards containing the name and address of every customer.

Nowadays we store all this information in electronic databases. We can even program the system to send an automatic email to a customer when it’s his birthday.

The downside of all this rapid development is that there is simply no other option but to become a perpetual student.

Luckily technology comes to our aid in this regard. With modern distance-learning universities, students can enjoy virtual classes where teacher and student interact like in any ‘real’ classroom. They can also interact with other students via social media websites and if they have a problem with a topic the lecturer is only an email away.

There are few excuses therefore not to keep abreast of the latest developments in your field of specialisation. All you need is the necessary willpower.