Falling for It

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About a year ago I got a phone call from my friend Anna who told me she’d broken her ankle.  After a short spell of sympathy I soon began to laugh…  Anna is perhaps the clumsiest person I’ve met, and it was inevitable that she would break something one day!

But she grumpily told me that on that occasion, it wasn’t her fault.  Someone had left a load of cables trailing from a computer across her path in the office without any warning sign, and she hadn’t seen the cables and tripped over them.  Her ankle cockled and she fell down on it heavily, resulting in a trip to hospital and a plaster cast.

I told her then that she could be entitled to some compensation from her office, but she just shrugged and said it didn’t matter.  Eventually her ankle healed, her pot was removed and she went back to work with only a slight limp.

The problem is, Anna’s had problems with her ankle ever since.  She can’t walk long distances without any pain, she sometimes wakes at night because her ankle is stiff and sore, and there’s just no chance of her doing the aerobics classes she used to love.  There’s no doubt that her quality of life is affected by this niggling pain.  She sees a physiotherapist once a month which helps a little, but she could do with going a lot more.  Sadly, she just can’t afford it.

So I put my foot down and I told her I’d do some research into a solicitor who could help her get compensation for her accident, which would pay for the physio needed to get her ankle back to normal.

I came across Edwards Hoyle solicitors who specialise in personal injury claims.  Sure, any solicitor can help you claim compensation for an injury at work, but since that’s the one thing Edward Hoyle focus on, it’s obvious that they’re going to be good at it! In fact they’re so confident of their expertise that they promise not to charge any fees if they lose the case.

Anna got in touch with them and she’s certain that she’ll get compensation for her injury.  She’ll be grateful for the money to help her recovery, but she also thinks it’s important that her employer is made more aware of the risks that can occur at work, which can only benefit all the staff that work there!

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Business talk

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As some of you may already know, I run my own business which can be both exhilarating and stressful, often both at the same time! I love the freedom and flexibility of being my own boss, but it also means that I have the sole responsibility of keeping the business going.

With the country’s economy the way it is, which is less healthy than we’d all like it to be, many of us are struggling with money.  A business runs because people pay to use its service, but when clients don’t have as much money to play around with, they are less likely to use that service, or if they do there’s a possibility that their payments are late.

It’s a tricky situation for a business when their clients are late on payments! Of course a business values all its customers and wants its clients to use their service again, so it’s important to be sympathetic to clients who struggle to meet their payment deadlines.  But then again, if a business doesn’t get the money that is owed to them, they cannot afford to keep their business afloat.

I’ve recently discovered invoice financing.  To put it as simply as possible, invoice financing is where a business borrows money from a provider based on client invoices that are due to be paid.  The business pays their invoice-financing provider a fee and an interest rate on the money they borrow, and when their client fulfils their payment, the business repays the money that was leant to them against the invoice.

It’s perfect for companies who need to keep their cash flow going even when their clients are late on payments.  It’s a solution that every business should bear in mind when they need a little helping hand.  So that’s my little gem of business advice for today!

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Bachelor life

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So I’ve been contemplating life as a single person because I’ve started to worry that I will become the male equivalent of a lonely spinster cat lady.  I guess that would be a lonely old man with loads of dogs?

It’s definitely a conscious effort I’ve made to stay single.  I prefer to concentrate on business than worry about dating.  If I did have a girlfriend I would be constantly dividing my time between her and the business, and since the business was here first that would have to take priority.  And I’m not sure that a woman would be particularly happy about that.

But I have been thinking that if I found a woman who was “the one”, as people call it, then I would be fully prepared to sacrifice my work a little for her.  And so far, I simply haven’t found that right person.

Then again, who’s to say that the perfect woman for me really exists? I don’t know because I haven’t found her yet.  I’ve known couples who do seem perfect together and who truly believe they are soul-mates, and I’ve always been a little bit jealous.  But how do I know they’re not pretending? Maybe they’re just trying to convince everyone else how happy they are because there are cracks in their relationship.

Sometimes I think that the best couples are those who do get on each other’s nerves, who bicker and argue, but then can forgive and forget and laugh about it afterwards.  That seems real to me, and to be able to argue with someone but stick with them despite it all surely means they are truly in love.  Doesn’t it?

Basically, the more I think about it the more complicated it gets.  I can never figure out what perfect love is, I don’t know if I’ve ever experienced it and I don’t know if I believe in it enough to think I will find it one day.  So I find it much easier all round to just stay single, keep away from the dating game and throw all my energy and thinking time into my business.

Maybe relationships are overrated.  Perhaps it’s better to be a one man family so that I’ll only ever have myself to worry about and keep happy.  And if that makes me a lonely old bachelor, then so be it. I’ll get a Labrador to keep me company.

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Planning your new bathroom

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When it comes to renovating and refitting rooms in your house, one of the most important rooms to get right is the bathroom. It doesn’t matter what size it is, it’s important because everyone uses it on a daily basis (unless you are lucky enough to have two!).

I would suggest that a new bathroom needs to be functional, so that there is room to do all the necessary ablutions with ease, but it also needs to be comfortable and look attractive. After all, when I want a long soak in the bath I want to be in a pleasant environment!

When you’re considering what to do about a new bathroom suite, bear in mind there is plenty of choice today. If you have a very modern house with clean, clear lines, you probably don’t want to go for the Victorian or Edwardian style, unless of course you like to surprise people! If your house is older, then the more traditional style of fixtures and fittings may seem to be exactly what you need.

If space is an issue, think about how to use it most effectively. In common with most people, I like to have the option of a bath as well as a shower, so for a small space you may want to look at a combined bath and shower rather than a separate shower cubicle. You could also consider fitting an eco friendly bath that would take up less room than a full-sized one.

Basins come in all styles, shapes and sizes, and for larger bathrooms you could choose to have his-and-hers double basin, with wall mounted shelving or cupboards to keep the appropriate male and female grooming requisites. Even small rooms have space for attractive basins, and a wide range of single or mixer taps are available to suit the room’s overall style.

A good toilet is essential, and there are many now that fit easily into smaller spaces without stinting on the quality of fitting. They can be hung on the wall or be the more traditional variety with the flush tank on top. If you are looking to make your new bathroom eco friendly, look out for the dual flush models.

In my view, colour schemes are important. When you’re deciding on a scheme, think about the size of your bathroom. Choose colours that give a sense of space, especially for the smaller room. The sharp, clean contrasts of white and black with touches of grey are popular, though some may prefer the softer tones of blues and greens to enhance their new space.



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Save water and money with eco friendly bathrooms

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With water rates seeming to rise constantly every year, and sometimes by considerably more than inflation, I’ve been looking at how to restyle bathrooms to find the best ways to save water and energy. With my environmental hat on (yes, it does exist!), the other reason for saving water is that we can contribute to a reduction in demand that is likely be needed in the future due to the changing climate. The UK often has areas that suffer from hosepipe bans during the summer months, and most scientists working in the climate change field believe that water shortages will get worse over the coming decades.

This is where I think that every household can make difference, especially by looking at how to create an eco friendly bathroom. There are many simple ways to do this, and these methods are particularly useful for saving money for those who are on water meters. Those not on meters should consider doing some research into how much water they use per week and make a comparison with using a water meter. I’ve done that and am about to reap the financial rewards, as well as doing my bit for the environment!

Eco bathing

There is no argument against the fact that baths use a lot more water than showers. However, that doesn’t mean that we should avoid a luxurious wallow from time to time. There are specially designed baths available that cut down on space that is otherwise wasted at the foot end, and they don’t have to be tiny either! They also give a little more room for manoeuvre if the bathroom area is small.

Choosing an insulating material for the interior, for example acrylic, means that it easily warms to body temperature and retains heat. The need for constant topping up with hot water is removed and you get a longer bathing time without paying for the extra water and heating.

Eco showering

There are some excellent ways of helping save water when showering that we can plug into. Apart from being more economical than bathing anyway, a shower head with an eco-button is worth considering. Water consumption is reduced at the touch of a button and if you need higher volume just press the button again.

Getting a shower valve that’s economical as part of an eco shower kit is another option. The water’s flow rate is reduced and thus less will be used. As part of a package it will still give a good performance.

Eco toilets

Eco friendly toilet design has been around for some time now, and most new bathrooms will have one as a matter of course. The most important part of these toilets is the dual flushing option, which offers the choice of using a small amount of water or a larger amount. If you’re looking to upgrade your toilet and want that additional economy, which can save up to 25 per cent of water per day if four to five small flushes are made, make sure you get that dual function.

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Make essay writing easier

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Every student learns differently and some are better at certain things than others – that’s certainly what I experienced during my years of education. Some may learn more quickly, and others may find that writing comes easily and naturally. You may be a student who prefers the practical side of things, for example carrying out experiments in science classes or playing a musical instrument in a band or orchestra. Whatever your preferences, if you want to get qualifications at any level, whether at school, college or university, you will have to write some essays.

Essay writing was never my favourite thing; sometimes I couldn’t work out how to get started, but today students can find a very useful resource in the website Marked by Teachers. It was originally set up by a student and has grown so that it now provides thousands of essays that you can look at and read to give you ideas and inspiration for your own work.

It doesn’t matter what level of education you are at, there is something for everyone, from GCSEs right the way through to university degrees. Your own teachers will help you as much as you can, and mine certainly did their best, but you probably already know they have time constraints as they are working with many students throughout the educational year. Sometimes it’s helpful to have that additional resource and support available, and Marked by Teachers is the place to go.

The website is trusted by education bodies all over the UK, not least because it’s careful to ensure that all of the essays it publishes are free from plagiarism. It uses Turnitin, a programme also used by the likes of Cambridge University and Kings College London as well as exam boards Edexcel, Aqa and OCR. This means you can be confident that you will be getting tips and ideas from genuine, original work.

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